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I have never had long Growing up, I always had short, cropped cuts, due to multiple surgeries. I had long-ish hair at one point: slightly.

Little Women: LA Reunion, Part 1 Recap - Reality Tea
Reality TeaLittle Women: LA Reunion, Part 1 RecapReality TeaPlus, Elena and Jasmine have apparently agreed to wear matching colorful hair extensions?!?! In any case, the timesthey are a'changin.. Joe thinks Terra and Christy just need to stay away from each other for good. Terra agrees. Todd is in.

Want Cool Hair? Lose the Boyfriend. - New York Magazine
New York MagazineWant Cool Hair? Lose the Boyfriend.New York MagazineWhat's so great about a breakup? Sometimes, nothing. But sometimes, it drives great hair. That's story behind Chris Ritter's undercut. Three years ago, the 31-year-old art director started to clip away at her waist-length hair. Now she swears by.

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